Indians ask for government help to deal with violence and land invasions

Agência Brasil – ABr – After an encounter with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in the Planalto Palace, chief Gerson Pataxó, of the Pataxó Há Há Há tribe, said that, at their meeting, they discussed the creation of a commission to travel to the south of Bahia to examine the problems faced by Indians of that region. During the meeting, attended by 50 Indians, the chief gave the President a document relating the violence that the tribe has been suffering.

According to the chief, since 1982, 16 Indian leaders have been assassinated. Chief Gerson also reported that the President promised to converse with the Ministers of the Supreme Court to try to expedite the ruling that nullifies deeds to indigenous territories conceded to rural property owners. (DAS)

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